XOOM Retro Desk Clock Brown Suitcase

Brand: XOOM
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Whether in your home, your work desk, or your place of work, your table decoration will add color in the form of both decorative and functional suitcase Xoom desktop clock... desktop clock, an image capturing time when you are creating your table is elegant and stylish. For those who don't like the clock wall clock stylish alternative to constitute its stylish design also makes a difference. The nostalgic view with the suitcase-shaped desktop clock, the numbers for easy selection of tumbled beige color dial. You can think of a nostalgic-looking design that will be of great interest to travelers as a nice gift alternative for your loved ones. We prefer the table clocks that we need to manage and learn the time because they add elegance to our decoration besides its technical function. If you can't understand how time passes in an intense work tempo, you can catch the time by turning back and looking at the Xoom suitcase clock. Produced with iron material, the watch can be used for many years. The Xoom desktop clock is ideally sized with a size of 20.8 cm to accommodate all tables.